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Celebrating the 100th Dodo Post!

There are many reasons to celebrate today.

One of them is that it is the 100th Dodo Post! Here is an interview backstory to this developing project… Read it here.

As many of you know the idea to write a children’s book all started in the fall of 2017. The Dodo project started from cheap copy paper. My wife said, “You can do better.” And so then the journey began. Dodo then became acrylic and now oscillates in digital. Along the way a 3d Dodo was created and a prototype was made. Budsies made a plush, stickers were created. Now there’s magnets, posters, post card size artwork to share, coffee cups and even a Dodo onsie. (There’s even a dodo emoji on slack, thanks Andre @apiazza!) Who know’s whats next? Puzzles? Try asking Dodo.

All of that being said it has been a super fun project to work on. And it still is. There are lots of great reads on writing and making art, creating it generously, giving it away and the like. Here is a great listen from Seth on the matter.

So what’s this dodo project all about?


As in the story of The Dodo Who Did, Dodo wants to fly but everyone around him tells him he can’t. Very much like in real life people have aspirations, ideas, desires and sometimes are told, “That’s a wild idea” or “That will never work” or “You must be crazy.”

My hope for this story is that it frames a different light on what is possible. Themes like hard work, patience, showing up, drip by drip, process and the journey are highlighted. That is what Dodo is all about. An “underdog” in the bird world so to speak. Perhaps a symbol for kids (and adults) on trying something new.

The Dodo Who Did hardcover book is still in process. The artwork is being reworked beautifully. It will be Big, Bold and Vibrant and a bit different than the free e-book. Thanks for your patience. If you can’t wait to get your hands on a real hardcover copy, pre-order it here and help spread the word.

So cheers to post 100! Cheers to trying something new and being vulnerable. Thanks for reading & following this fun creative journey! See you tomorrow.